Gather Up Your New Friends and Expand Your Search for the Perfect Place to Freeboard

Freeboarding is all about making the concrete and asphalt your playground. This means that no matter where you live, there are plenty of places you can go to shred. Whether you are a beginner, or a seasoned pro of the freeboard, discovering the best places to ride is the first step to freeboarding nirvana.

One of the first places you need to explore is your own backyard. That is, your neighborhood is the best place to start. There may be a parking lot with a slope or perhaps a residential street with a sweet incline just waiting to be found and utilized. These are great places for beginners, they enable you to start off at a pace you are comfortable with. Plus, the surroundings are familiar as you are close to home.

Now, it’s time to branch out a little bit. Let’s get out of our comfort zone and really start exploring the city. There might be a skatepark or two in the city you live. This is great. Not only is the skatepark a fine place to break out the freeboard, it is also a way to talk it up with others and make new friends who share the same passion as you.

Gather up your new friends and expand your search for the perfect place to freeboard. College campuses are a good place to look. There are often large concrete or asphalt areas that are free from cars. Just make sure you aren’t trespassing, that is not at all cool.

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We are One of the More Comprehensive Skateboard Shops Online, Offering Apparel, Accessories and More

Skateboarding was once thought of as a sport only rebels took part in. Today, skateboarding has been generally accepted as a mainstream activity for all types of people of all ages. Currently, there are more than 100 million active skateboarders around the world. And though there are probably parents who may not agree, skateboarding provides some pretty amazing benefits for both the body and the mind.

One of the more useful benefits of skateboarding is it certainly enhances your coordination. To be successful in any sport, coordination is a plus. Skateboarders also receive the benefit of working a variety of muscles. Many workout routines focus on specific parts of the body, skateboarding requires the use of muscles you probably didn’t even know existed.

Skateboarding is an inexpensive sport that can be practiced almost anywhere. If you are interested in skateboarding, all you need is a skateboard and helmet. There is no need for expensive uniforms and other pricey equipment. Also, you can learn to skateboard on the sidewalk in front of your house. When your skating skills improve, you can test them out at any local skate park. Cities often include skate parks as part of their recreational options. Just like going to the park to swing, these skate parks are free for public use.

Skateboarding comes with its share of dangers. It does take at least a little bravery to attempt many of the tricks skateboarders perform. There is no doubt a certain risk when attempting to perform a frontside noseslide, bones can be broken. But by practicing these tricks over and over, you will be able to perform even the most complex tricks with a clear and focused mind. And you will perform these stunts free from fear.

We are one of the more comprehensive skateboard shops online, offering apparel, accessories and more. Visit our website to see our selection of skateboard accessories.

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Visit Us Online to Shop for Skateboards and Skateboard Accessories

As a child, you were urged by your parents to discover extracurricular activities that will build confidence and give you exercise. They were hopeful you would become interested in football, baseball or the dreadfully boring sport of soccer. You caught them completely off guard by finding a passion in skateboarding. Skateboarding has always held the unfortunate reputation of being dangerous and rebellious. We all know that the safest sport is football. After all, being tackled by a 300 lb. defensive lineman never hurt anybody. Our point is that there is an inherent risk in any sport, and skateboarding is no exception. But as with any sport, skateboarding provides a world of benefits.

We all know that vigorous exercise is great for your metabolism. Skateboarding provides you with a unique type of exercise that many are not used to. That is, you use a variety of muscles because skateboarders are constantly changing moves. Bikers, for example, use the same muscles and same movements so not all areas benefit from the workout.

Football, baseball and soccer are team sports. Skateboarding is an individual sport that provides a unique social environment. Team sports incorporate a little individual dependence, but not to the extreme like skateboarding. We are not knocking team sports, but there are plenty of other ways we build character in a team environment. The independence you build as a skateboarder gives you control of your success. Failure cannot be blamed on other members of the team, you learn to deal with your own successes and failures.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of skateboarding. Check back for future posts about the benefits of skateboarding. In the meantime, visit us online to shop for skateboards and skateboard accessories.

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Look Into What a Freebord can do for You

So it’s already April and you are dreading the end of snowboard season, your favorite time of year. You packed your snowboard away, closeted the boots and stuffed your coat away for the summer. Only late at night, when the rest of the household is asleep, you break out the ski goggles, put them on and watch episodes of Northern Exposure just so you can see snow. If you are that much of a fan of snowboarding, perhaps you should look into what a Freebord can do for you.

You see, Freebord mimics snowboarding to the extent that you feel as though you should be wearing ski gear. The Freebord is very similar to a longboard or skateboard as it is long and rolls on four wheels, er, six wheels. There are two center wheels, toe and tail, that enable the rider to motion in all directions. That is, these extra wheels let you fluidly pivot your Freeboard from front to back and back to front again. Bindings are utilized for board control, but will not lock your feet into place. With the Freeboard, you can carve your way down a concrete hill. It really is like a snowboard on wheels.

The Freebord is designed to work best in a downhill situation, it is not meant for long distance flat-surface riding. You will want to practice safety and wear protective gear as with skateboarding or snowboarding, there is the chance to fall and hurt yourself.

At Get Boards, we carry Freebord packages and accessories. Visit our website and check it out.

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Twin-Tip Skis Utilized at the Winter Olympics

One event emerging at this years Olympic Winter Games was freestyle skiing. Since its 1992 introduction into the Olympics, the sport has an increased presence and is gaining in popularity. With the addition of two new ski competitions in 2014, the total number of freestyle ski events is now at ten. Here is a short guide to Olympic freestyle skiing.

As far as equipment is concerned, many freestyle skiers utilize twin-tip skis that make performing maneuvers much easier. If necessary, these skis even allow the Olympians to ski backward.

Except for ski cross, every event in freestyle skiing is judged. The criteria for each of the events is different, but skills, jumps and maneuvers are taken into consideration.

The Halfpipe made its Olympic debut this year in Sochi. This is thought to be one of the more dangerous Olympic competitions. Whereas the Aerials competition sees skiers execute maneuvers off jumps 12 feet high, halfpipe jumps average up to 20 feet high. Another new event this year is the Slopestyle. This event involves executing various maneuvers while skiing an obstacle-laden trail. Other competitions include skiing Moguls and Ski Cross.

At the Sochi Olympics, David Wise of the United States took gold in the Halfpipe competition while Mike Riddle of Canada took silver and the bronze medal was awarded to Kevin Rolland of France. Historically, Canada and the United States do well in these events. American Maddie Bowman scored an impressive 89.00 to take Olympic gold in the women’s event. Marie Martinod of France won the silver medal and Japan’s Ayana Onozuka took the bronze.

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We Carry a Wide Selection of Ski Apparel Online for You to Enjoy

When you are building up speed heading down the slopes, you want your ski apparel to serve two separate but equally important functions. You want your apparel to keep you warm and make you look good riding down the slopes. That is, good, quality ski apparel should be both stylish and functional. At Get Boards, we carry a wide selection of ski apparel online for you to enjoy.

For example, this Logger Plaid Tech Shacket is just what every snowboarder needs. It features a contrast fleece hood and chest zipper pocket for extra storage. This jacket is water resistant so spills won’t take their toll on your innerwear. Check it out now.

These Reserved Raw Slim Pants feature a 5-pocket jean styling with front coin and dual back pockets. They provide excellent all around waterproofing during any conditions. The fabric coating is microporous and is designed to let perspiration exit while preventing moisture from the elements to enter. These slim-fit pants are made with stretch material so you can show off your moves in comfort and ease. These pants are perfect for any type of winter sports in any type of conditions.

If you want something that will keep your head and ears toasty on the slopes but give you that fresh look at the end of the day, then you need to check out our Armada Griz Beanie. This beanie will turn heads on the slope and in the coffee shops after a day’s worth of skiing or boarding. These beanies are 100 percent acrylic, can be rolled up or down and are perfect for every situation.

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We Offer Freeride Skis and Other Ski Accessories

Sometimes the best skiing can be found at those resorts that are not world famous. That is, there are plenty of resorts right here is the United States that you probably don’t even know exist, yet they offer some of the best skiing and other amenities in the county. We picked out one to highlight, but let’s keep it a secret so these places don’t get too crowded.

Jay’s Peak Resort is located in the beautiful state of Vermont and offers much more than just a great skiing experience. For example, Jay’s offers the Pump House Waterpark for you to enjoy after a long day on the slopes. There is so much to do, including a climbing wall, an activity pool and a double barrel flow-rider. Even though Jay’s peak is known for their snow, they want you to know they are also known for their ice. At the Ice Haus Arena, you can enjoy recreational skating or perhaps you just want to sit in the super comfy seats and watch hockey.  Jay’s resort offers several quality eateries, any of which will impress even the pickiest of eaters. From pizza to sandwiches to steak and seafood, these restaurants offer it all.

Before you head off to Jay’s Peak Resort, we insist you visit our website to shop for your next pair of freeride skis and accessories.

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Twin Tip Skis Enable Skiers to Create New Tricks

Twin tip skis have been responsible for unlocking tricks for those daredevil skiers out to prove their talent. These modern tricks wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the unique design of the twin tip skis. So, you think you’ve got mad skills? Here are a few tricks you should try this season. Just don’t blame us if you wind up in a body cast.

The Lincoln loop is a trick where you take off from a jump and basically do a sideways flip. It is almost like doing a cartwheel in the air. If you can master this, after a few crashes of course, then you might be ready for the Lincoln Loop 180. This can be accomplished by rotating your body 180 degrees while in the midst of your Lincoln Loop. Be sure to capture this on video as we would love to see it.

Perhaps you are feeling it, you are ready to go all out. If you want a trick that screams “look at me,” then you should attempt the Switch 360. Approach the jump backwards, while in the air rotate your body to complete the maneuver. Remember to begin your rotation as soon as the skis leave the ramp. It is probably a good idea to start with a simple 180 and work up to the Switch 360.

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Winter is Back, Looking for Freeride Skis

Winter is back! Do you have the right freeride skis for the new season? Knowing you can ski anywhere and having the right ski equipment for this type of skiing is essential. offers a variety of freeride skis, names like Rossignol, Dakine, Line, Armada and many more. Just the freedom you get with freeride skiing is the ultimate high.

So maybe you are not the greatest freeride skier.  You will look good on the slopes when you purchase your gear from Get Boards. Women who do freeride skiing can accessorize with socks, gloves, and ski helmets. Of course, that is not to say guys don’t want to look good also. Just because the crowds aren’t there when freeride skiing doesn’t mean you can’t be style’n. Enjoy the outrageous fun you have from freeride skiing and look good while doing it.

Get Boards is an online store that can get you into the right type of skis and get you the best prices. Whether you are someone who likes to look good while skiing or just wants the best equipment for skiing. is your one stop shopping experience. They are offering great prices on great gear. They have closeout pricing and you can enter to win free stuff while on their website.

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Lowest Price- Guarantee

Price Match? For sure!
It’s our goal to provide you with the lowest possible price. If another online store has a lower price, we will beat it by 5%. If you find such a deal, simply Email us at and tell us. we will give you instructions within 24 hours.
We match even coupon codes! We want you as our customer.

Requirements for a price match:

The same year
The same color
The same size
The same condition
In stock on competitor’s site
Must be a US based online retailer

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